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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Some people I've known for far too long will come up to me and ask me what I've done since they last saw me. Well, you could say that I tried to find myself, and so I spent years staring at radiators. Then one day I wondered what sort of music was being played on Top of the Pops nowadays, only to discover that it had been cancelled. Wise men, I have this for you: don't try and find yourself, because you'll be blinded by what you're looking for. Remain open to everyone and everything - otherwise you'll find that all you're left with is memories of radiators.

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  1. Oh! Great post! I can't believe I've been out of circulation for so long (bar the occasional stop-by-and-rant)Hope you'll post here often. Staring at radiators indeed! Yes, too much introspection just makes one muddled.