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Friday, 23 July 2010

No-One Is Watching You

The government doesn't care where you go on your little shopping excursions. No far-ranging conspiracies will ever frame your mundane life, no spies will betray you nor anything be stolen from you that has an exterior worth. Shadowy omnipotent corporations do not know when you sleep. Sexual deviants do not lurk behind hedges admiring the way you move. There are no terrorists in your neighbourhood, no skeletons in your closet, no monsters underneath your bed.

God and the Devil do not debate over your actions, which are neither predestined nor measured, but fall as leaves from the branches of your lives. Nothing will ever happen to you that will make you notable, although if a headline lands heavily you will share in a "nation's grief". If you're lucky the name on your grave won't be worn off after a few hundred years, nor your bones dug up to make way for the myriad new dead. No-one is watching you: because no-one cares what you are.

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