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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A few notes on love

I think the trick to love is being able to find the person in the ideal. Love is a dream that demands we never awake from it, so we must find any reality in it that we can. But when you write that your beloved's smile begins in her eyes, do you mean her smile or that of an ideal hovering beyond her?

One day they'll say that love doesn't exist, and that it is just another word like "God". I'll tell them that God is love: an irrational hope that there is something beyond the scope of materialism, as illogical as the feeling one gets when seeing shadows of cloud cross a sunlit field, and just as real.


  1. The only person you mentioned in your comment that I recongized was Lewis Carroll. But thank you for your thoughts.

    Awel Prince

  2. those illogical feelings are the best and tell the truth.

    your flashman comment made me laugh. much appreciated. i always start with eight cousins. it's a girl thing, apparently.