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Saturday, 19 June 2010

I have decided to open up my new blog to Facebook after a few more posts. The problem with blogspot is its transparency: people are unwilling to talk privately, so most journals are incredibly fucking boring, e.g. dedicated exclusively to geese or frogurt. If anything this journal is dedicated to the way I relate to the world. I am the socially inexcusable form of misanthrope, possessing neither a cigarette nor a copy of Sartre. But there was never a farm-worker alive who although he spent his life fighting muck, did not secretly wish to throw himself into it also. Any man who talks about himself is a liar, for he instantly opens himself up to contradictions - in explaining my contradictions I hope to remain as honest as possible.


  1. Can't agree. Facebook is the most plastic of forums, becuase all the people who follow you there actually know you in person. The result is a 'my life is so great' image, carefully re-inforced with the occasional picture. Heck, that dreadful chap I know from the pub is a facebook 'friend'... and that irritating school chum from way back. Self censorship tightens under such circumstances. Am I wrong?

  2. The logic went, that if I open my blog to facebook the only people who will click on it from my facebook will probably like me and be interested in what I have to say. I am not afraid of transparency of feeling (of course there are limits, and without secrets we would have no soul) and I am frustrated by the amount of pregnancy blogs etc on here, it's like there is no one to read it (and would Jesus have crucified himself without an audience to validate his sufferings?).

  3. Good point! There are an awful amount of 'Mommy' blogs: a sort of verbal lactation. Did I say that? I'm going to be lynched! .. as long as you keep blogging. I'm looking forward to going through your older posts and to seeing new ones too. I enjoy your thoughtful perspectives!