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Monday, 21 June 2010

The problem I have always had with fantasy is that it seems the larger the canvas, the broader the brush strokes. In something like Star Trek, often an alien race will be described as having a certain personality type, mainly to help distinguish them from the thousands of other races that have also featured on Star Trek. Which is absurd. Imagine if someone told you, "Oh, all Belgian people are crafty". This is why fantasy is rarely deserving of such a name, instead featuring a tired parade of cliches like orcs and goblins. It's interesting because fantasy fits anything outside of reality, but it seems that the more one departs from everyday life, the more rigid the constructs have to be. Dice rolls 17, you step on a lizard king but you have the sword of holy fire, so let me consult my rule book ...


  1. Here's a theory. Fantasy is dream reality concentrated - what we might wish reality to be. It would be nice if life was simple and predictable. To a certain extent we do it already: 'All Germans are precise', for instance - and that's a polite one.

  2. I think it's more to do with adult games (and not the fun sort). You play games as a kid, you grow up, you continue the games but with adult logic and rules. Which means that ... they're not games, really.